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Alcoa coal site transformation to deliver 1300 jobs boost

The Eden eco-tourism project in Anglesea (VIC) is set to provide a range of economic benefits, including the creation of 1300 new jobs in the region.

This will coincide with generating an estimated $350 million in the Surf Coast Shire in the first 10 years of operation.

The project, which was revealed in May this year, incorporates a vision to transform an area within Alcoa’s former coal mine in Anglesea into a destination for “immersive education and experiences” designed to celebrate local ecology and sustainability.

It is anticipated the project will create more than 500 ongoing full-time jobs with 300 at the site and an additional 200 jobs supported in the wider region.

This represents almost four times the number of workers at Alcoa’s former power station and mine.

Direct investment for construction of the project is estimated to be $150 million, with 170 direct constructions jobs anticipated.

An additional 700 jobs are expected to be created in the G21 region during the construction phase of the project.

Eden Project International chief executive David Harland, who presented at the G21 Regional Alliance Stakeholder Forum, said the project would enhance what Anglesea already provided to locals and the wider region.

“The project will offer greater tourism opportunities, bring more jobs to the local economy and build on Anglesea’s history of strong environmental stewardship,” Harland said.

“The economic projections for the Surf Coast region are similar to what we have achieved in Cornwall through our commitment to partnerships with the local community.” Read more…

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