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Mining job opportunities continue to surge

Mining industry bodies have welcomed data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that confirms growing job opportunities within the sector.

Across the resources industry, which includes oil and gas, average employment grew by 11 per cent between 2018-2019, representing the equivalent of 23,794 jobs.

The surge has been underpinned by substantial growth in metal ore mining, where strong growth in production and exports has substantially boosted job creation.

Minerals Council Australia (MCA) chief executive officer Tania Constable said Australian mining “continues to do the heavy lifting in generating highly paid, highly skilled jobs, particularly in regional and remote communities.”

She reiterated the MCA’s support of federal and state government to support policies that deliver increased investment, which would allow Australian companies to be more productive.

“MCA advocates faster project approvals, lower taxation and flexible workplace relations to help the mining industry deliver growth, support regional communities and increase Australian living standards,” she said.

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) praised the state’s contribution to the employment growth, having added 5,370 jobs over the last 12 months, which is the equivalent of one new job every 90 minutes. Read more…

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