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Resources sector set for growth despite rising competition

The Morrison Government has released a national resources plan to maintain the competitiveness of Australia’s resources sector.

Quoting the work of Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey, “the rush that never ended,” the national resources statement will guide all governments’ future actions.

Silhouette of mining cranes

“Australia’s resources sector continues to boom,” Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matthew Canavan said in the national resources statement.

“However, there is no guarantee that our resources sector will maintain this record. This is why the Australian Government is publishing the first national resources statement for two decades.”

The vision is to have the world’s most advanced, innovative and successful resources sector which delivers sustained prosperity and social development for all Australians.

To achieve this, the government has outlined five key priorities in the statement: improving the sector’s business settings; promoting resources exploration and basin development; leveraging research and development (R&D); supporting a skilled and inclusive workforce; and strengthening communities. Read more…

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