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Adani receives 14,500 applications for Carmichael jobs

A $22 billion coal project in Central Queensland’s northern Galilee Basin has attracted thousands of job-seekers who are hoping to gain a slice of the action.

Adani Australia confirmed the total number of job applications for its Carmichael Coal Mine has topped a staggering 14,500, and 39 percent of applicants said they were unemployed at the time of registration.

The company presented the figures as evidence the community supports the project, which has faced constant delays due to environmental concerns.

“When you get 14,500 people wanting to work for you and most of these people come from Queensland, you would hope the Queensland Government would take notice,’’ Adani Australia Mining chief executive Lucas Dow said in a public statement. “This sort of public response is a rejection of the fear and misinformation campaign waged by activists in an attempt to kill off the state’s key industry.”

Adani called on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to put Queenslanders first instead of playing politics.

“The [State] Government has to stop moving the goal posts. We’re getting on with doing everything we can under our current approvals. In terms of getting started on the mine, we have submitted our remaining management plans,” Dow said. “Given we meet the same environmental standards and operate under the same regulations as other miners, we expect Adani will be treated no differently, yet some of Adani’s management plans have been stuck in the bureaucracy for more than 18 months.” Read more…

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