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Hopes of restarting production at a NT gold mine

A Northern Territory gold mine which suspended production last year has found some of the NT’s highest grade gold in its exploration.

At the time, the owners wanted to concentrate on exploration and work out how much gold was left in the mine.

Since June 2017 drill rigs at Kirkland Lake’s Cosmo Gold mine, 160 kilometres south-west of Darwin, have been working around the clock, and in that time have found some of the NT’s highest grade gold results.

The Canadian-owned company is aiming to define the gold resource at Cosmo, with the hope of re-commencing gold production in the not-too-distant future.

ABC Rural was given access to the mine, one of only two underground mines in the NT, to check out the ongoing exploration.

The suspension of gold production saw many workers leave the mine, but the exploration has kept around 210 people in work, with around 70 employed by Kirkland Lake and another 140 by contractors.

The main drive shaft of the mine spirals down several hundred metres below the surface, with tunnels and alcoves emerging out of the darkness every so often. Read more…

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