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QLD Supreme Court potentially saves 700 jobs at New Acland

The Supreme Court in Brisbane has rejected a Land Court decision that had recommended scrapping the expansion of the New Acland coal mine on Queensland’s Darling Downs.

More than 60 landholders have been fighting the mine expansion, claiming it would ruin the prime agricultural land.

The Land Court last year found in their favour, saying the risks to groundwater were too great.

But today Justice Helen Bowskill ruled the Supreme Court rejected that decision and sent the matter back to the Land Court for further consideration of issues including social impacts, noise and groundwater.

The mine’s owner, New Hope Corporation, has issued a statement, saying it welcomed the judgement.

“We remain committed to securing approval for this project and in doing so being able to provide ongoing employment for the circa 700 jobs reliant on the project,” the statement said. Read more…

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