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Mining salaries set to rise

Most mine workers can expect a pay rise at their next review, according to recruiter Hays.

The 2018-19 salary guide from Hays revealed that 79 percent of mining, resources, energy and oil & gas employers plan to give workers a salary increase to some degree.

More than half (57 percent) of employers intend to give their staff a pay rise of less than 3 percent at their next review, the survey found.

The guide also showed that 15 percent of employers would increase salaries by between 3­–6 percent, while 7 percent would raise pay packets by 6 percent or more.

This leaves 21 percent of employers that do not intend to give their workers a pay rise. This result is, however, down on the 30 percent of employers that did not plan to increase salaries a year ago.

The plans of employers do differ from the expectations of workers, with 17 percent of employees expecting to receive an increase of 6 percent or more.

Employees see a pay rise as a priority too. Around two-thirds (67 percent) responded that it is their top priority, while almost half (48 percent) will request a rise if it isn’t forthcoming. Read more…


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