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Workplace flexibility a key factor for mining’s future

Australian resources and energy group, AMMA (the Australian Mines and Metals Association) has submitted a report to the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers citing the desire for flexible, non-traditional work opportunities as a key trend for Australian resources and energy workers.

In the submission, entitled Inquiry into the impact of technological and other change on the future of work and workers in Australia, AMMA argues that technological advancements are able to see the resources industry modernise to meet the needs of modern Australians.

“It is clear that Australia’s current model of employment regulation is poorly suited to the employment demands of modern day businesses, employees and economies,” reads the report.

“Work is no longer built around fixed hours and fixed work locations, and has as its value proposition greater flexibility, convenience and freedom of choice for the individual.”

The report suggests that Australia’s current workplace relations system is (generally) over-regulated, overcomplicated and better suited to the societal demands of the 1970s than 2018, and pleads that policymakers address the rigidity inherent in the system in order to remove red tape and regulatory burdens. Read more…


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