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Lithium Australia to develop large-scale pilot plant

Lithium Australia is well on its way towards disrupting the global lithium industry with a decision now made to build an industrial-scale lithium processing plant based on its breakthrough SiLeach lithium processing technology.

Sileach is a chemical based process that converts lithium concentrate into battery minerals such as lithium carbonate without the need for expensive, energy hungry roasting which has traditionally been the case.

Eliminating the costly roasting stage has the potential to make some lower grade, sub-economic deposits profitable, potentially opening up a world of opportunities for Lithium Australia in the fast moving lithium space.

In a highly anticipated announcement this week, Lithium Australia said it had taken the leap and committed to building its first large-scale pilot plant, capable of producing 2,500 tonnes of lithium carbonate per annum.

Front end engineering and design studies have been approved and the company will procure long-lead time items to fast-track commissioning and production, which is scheduled for early 2021.

The company said the plant was a necessary step in commercialising SiLeach, with results to be used to evaluate and design a full-scale plant with 10 times the capacity of the pilot plant. Read more…

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