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$600m Nyrstar redevelopment opens at Port Pirie

A $600 million metals processing plant has officially opened at Port Pirie, securing more than 700 jobs.

Plant operator Nyrstar said the facility would significantly improve air quality in the town by reducing lead-in-air emissions by a margin unachievable with the old smelter at the site.

Premier Jay Weatherill opened the plant along with Nyrstar executives, and said it marked a new chapter in the history of Port Pirie.

“For Nyrstar, improved efficiencies provide a pathway to uplift earnings, and for Port Pirie we can lock in better health and environment outcomes for decades to come,” he said.

Nyrstar chief executive Hilmar Rode said the development was crucial to the company’s future, and it would put the safety of the community first.

“We are totally committed to a successful and safe ground plant,” he said.

“We will face many more challenges along this journey, but I’m confident if we all continue with the same dedication that we have seen. We will ensure a sustainable future for the Port Pirie smelter and for the broader community.” Read more…


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