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NSW coal project wins government backing

The Wallarah 2 underground coal project has been approved by the New South Wales Government.

Wallarah 2, a thermal coal project that has been proposed for more than two decades, would create hundreds of construction and operational jobs if developed.

However, the Central Coast community has continually objected the proposal, primarily because it could potentially damage the local water catchment and aquifers.

Despite this opposition, the NSW Planning Assessment Commission decided the majority South Korean-owned project was in the public interest.

“The creation of 300 operational jobs, and 450 construction jobs along with the investment in the local area would have significant local benefits for the community, provide investment in the Central Coast and contribute to the growth of the region,” the Commission explained.

“The mine would also generate royalties for the state and the people of NSW while providing a source of high quality thermal coal during the global transition to a decarbonised economy.”

In regards to the region’s water quality concerns, the Commission said the impacts and potential risks could be “appropriately managed through the framework of rigorous controls and requirements in place to manage, mitigate, minimise, compensate and offset those impacts.” Read more…


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