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Australians lead the way towards asteroid mining boom

Australia will have asteroid mining before we have people living on Mars, according to leading Australian scientists.

And Australian National University astrophysicist Brad Tucker says the incentive is simple.

“You know why? Because there is money involved.”

Based at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Dr Tucker is part of a national research team developing a model for future Australian mining operation on asteroids.

The most viable option, according to Dr Tucker, is to mine an asteroid “locally” by nudging a near-earth asteroid into the gravitational grip of the Earth, moon and sun, which will keep it hovering above the Earth. Essentially, mining asteroids.

The Australian Asteroid Mining Project formed in August and has ambitions of getting a prototype mission off the ground by mid 2020s.

As a nation experienced in mining and on the verge of getting its own space agency, Dr Tucker said this could be Australia’s opportunity to make its mark on space. Read more…

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