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Tips for a great FIFO Christmas

Santa isn’t the only FIFO worker this Christmas. Across Australia, thousands of workers spend Christmas away from their loved ones.

It can be tough working away on Christmas. However, there are ways to cope with being apart and make your day special while on site.

Here are our top tips for surviving a FIFO Christmas:

  • Plan something special for the next time you’re home after Christmas. It will give you and your family something to look forward to.
  • Celebrate Christmas on another day when you’re home. There’s no law that says Christmas can’t be celebrated twice in one year.
  • Discuss with your family how best to contact and connect with them on Christmas. Fit each other into your schedules.
  • Plan ahead with presents. If you’re the partner at home, send a Christmas care pack to site to make their day special.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and support each other. You’ll often find your colleagues on site are also missing their families and friends.
  • If you’re the one working away, plan to do something that makes you happy. Take your favourite food or drink to site, hang out with friends, or watch a movie that makes you laugh to make your day special.
  • Make sure you reflect on everything that’s great in your life. Try to remind yourself that lots of people work on Christmas day and you are not alone.


This article was kindly shared with Shutdowns Australia by Mining Family Matters. 

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