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Growth in job opportunities for Australian mining industry

Job opportunities in the Australian mining industry have continued to grow significantly in 2018.

According to online recruitment portal SEEK, job advertising in its mining, resources and energy category was 54 percent higher across the country in January 2018 compared to 12 months earlier.

Related sector categories, including trades and services (31 percent), engineering (25 percent), and science and technology (22 percent), have also started the year with strong increases compared to the same stage of 2017.

The expansion in opportunities at SEEK comes as the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported that 16,000 new jobs were added throughout Australia during January, a record 16th straight month of growth.

SEEK’s mining, resources, and energy category recorded the greatest year-on-year growth in job opportunities in five of the eight Australian states or territories during January.

In Queensland, job growth was 71 percent higher in January compared to a year earlier. South Australia (68 percent), the Northern Territory (67 percent), NSW (60 percent) and Victoria (37 percent) also increased substantially.

The engineering category (56 per cent) edged out mining, resources, and energy as the sector with the most growth in WA.

In terms of opportunities in science and technology roles on SEEK, Victoria led the market in January (30 percent growth), followed by Queensland (24 percent) and New South Wales (21 percent). Read more…


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